Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finally up and complete

The home is complete! The C.O. was issued, and now its time for all the fun. LOL.
Still plenty to get done. I did get the home listed on www.beachhouse.com. We decided that this home is too nice for just us. We need to share the fun.
We furnished, and finished the interior to be not only "green" but as healthy as possible. For example, we used mattress made with organic cotton, and bamboo. All appliances are energy star rated, All the paint is low VOC, the home has a continuous air exchange system tied into the HVAC system. This will ensure that the air is always fresh even when the house is closed up.
Unlike a normal house, with the SIPS system our house does not have the "leaks" that most homes have. It is so tight that the Air exchange was a requirement.

I am glad that I had done some research on appliances. Particularly on the flat panel TVs. We have one in each bedroom, and the living room. We opted for the Toshiba brand, which besides being energy star rated, it has a function that stops almost all power consumption when the TV is off. I have noticed that the "start-up" time is a little longer, who cares?

Even for pest control we opted to go to non toxic sprays, and traps, even a
fly trap!

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