Friday, June 15, 2007

dear friends,

I wanted to invite you to view my newest blog created to document the
builiding of our island home on North Captiva.
This home has been in planning, and then permitting for the past 3 years,
and it seems that the construction is flying along now.
I wanted to document the construction, and open this to everyone because we
are using some cutting edge methods to control cost, and also to create a
very energy efficent design. It is our goal to create a home that creates a
minimal negative impact on the enviroment, and is the most energy efficent,
while also being cost effective.
Most people do not believe that green building and saving money can be
common goals, but inour case, we were able to shave off over 30 percent of
the construction costs by using the SIPS technology. Also, the technology
is strong, since we are so close to the water, I wanted a home that could
withstand the worst hurricane. Homefront's technology was proven after
charlie devastation, and that sold me on the technology.

I would be delighted to see any comments or feedback as the blog develops,
also if you were to know of any other energy saving, or cost saving tips or
suggestions I encourage you to share them on my blog. I will make the open
for all comments, and viewable by anyone.

Some of our current plans include:
A rain-cistern system
Solar hot water, and PV system
local plant only landscaping
impact, and insulated windows throughout
high efficency ac unit


Joe Murphy

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